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The Fate Of The 9th District

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12 years have passed since most distractive & deadly tropical cyclone. As the result, 1833 people died at the most extreme disaster, economic damage amounted to $125 billion, approximately 80% people, who lived at the area of hurricane were forced to leave their homes. With the help of meteorological research was possible to start preparing for the hurricane. It started formation on 21th. august at the area of the Bahamas, but it wasn`t enough to prevent so much losses. The areas affected was Bahamas, south & central Florida, Louisiana, Cuba, Mississippi, Alabama. The hurricane was so much big & powerful, so dissipated only on 31th. august.
Since the central & general pieces of New Orleans were reestablish, but poor districts were not.
Why the authorities didn`t care of problems after the disaster & who suffered from this? The typical example of this problem is down peace of 9th. district. For so many ears only 35-40% dwellers did come back to their homes. Authorities didn`t help for more poor people, so they are forced to rebuild their homes themselves. Some people help them for free. District dwellers hope that mayor will help them to start life first.

Population of 9th. district until the hurricane Katrina was 99% African American, it was the area with the highest index of private houses in the city. All of the inhabitants were forced to leave their homes. Water from this district was pumped out the last. Today, only 40% of families come back to their homes. Through a damb on industrial canal, during the hurricane, most of the water hit the lower 9th district. Powerful flows washed away some houses from the foundations and moved them to several blocks. And yet the area is gradually recovering.

Fine from the BP company, which spilled oil at the golf of Mexico will go to reestablish city. This information was confirmed by the state authorities.
Summarizing, we can see that 12 years aren`t enough to return former state of hurricanes area, but people try.

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