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Vibram FiveFingers Speed Lace-Up Shoes

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Looking for vibram five fingers speed and barefoot comfort and style, then consider the Vibram FiveFingers Lace-Up Barefoot Shoes

Vibram FiveFingers Barefoot style shoes have been one of the great innovations, in shoes, in the past decade. They are not only stylish but crucial for people who want the feeling of barefoot running and exercising, while protecting your shoes.

For 2011, Vibram has introduced lace-up versions of their Bikila shoes as well as the all-new Vibram Speed. One of the great advantage of the lace-up shoes is that they allow you a «tighter fit» which is perfect for people who want to run or do distance trekking.

Two models. Each perfect for specific needs.

The Vibram Speed is the perfect running shoe for the barefoot runner. The Bikilia is great for exercising, yoga and high-impact activities. Each shoe is available direct from the company at VibramFiveFingers.com or at large retailers like CheapvibramFiveFingerssale.net

Laces versus straps. Which one is right for me?

Most Vibram FiveFinger Shoes come with velcro straps and the straps work well for all activities. However, if you are going to be outdoors, you may want to consider the laces since the laces will be more secure on your feet. This can come in handy when climbing rocks or g with uneven surfaces.

Warning. Avoid Counterfeits

Vibram FiveFingers are one of the most counterfeited shoes out there. And these Lac-up shoes will be no different. That's why you should only buy direct from the company or a major retailer. Also look out for people who offer these shoes on sale. Vibram's shoes are highly sought after and doesn't offer these shoes at a discount.


Laces are the latest innovation in the line of Vibram FiveFingers Barefoot Style shoes. The Speed is perfect for runners while the Bilika is great for cross-training and other activities. Be sure to buy direct from the company or a major retailer to avoid counterfeits.

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